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Ice Cream


Children's Meals




The Pudding Ladies have

set themselves a challenge...


To become Sheffield's first

fully 'Green Park Cafe'

business at both their sites

im Rivelin Park and

Millhouses Park.

"We are at the beginning 0f

our project at both Rivelin

Park Cafe and Millhouses

Park Cafe to make more

environmentally aware choices in our business.

It really isn't an issue which

we feel we cannot ignore any

longer and need to actively

participate in."

"This is something we've been

wanting to do for quite a

while, as working in two

beautiful locations in

Sheffield, it's important to us

that we should try to keep

our parks as environmentally close to nature as possible."

Says Dianne...

"Working in this industry, we

see first hand the litter and

waste left around us after a

busy day in the park, not all

of which comes from our

cafes by the way and we

have decided enough is

enough and we are going


"For us as a small business,

costs play a hugh role."

Added Claire...

"We obviously don't want to

pass any additional costa

onto our customers, so after

considerable research, we have reached a solution which we hope everyone will be pleased with."