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Stage One

We have replaced as many

disposable products and

packaging with bio-degradable alternatives.

1.   Bio-degradable straws

have replaced existing plastic

straws. Within 2 years these

new straws will be fully


2.   Wooden coffee stirrers

have replaced plastic teaspoons.


3.   Our new take-a-way

food boxes are made from

sugar beet waste and are

completely bio-degradable.

4.   Plastic cutlery has been

replaced with forks made

from corn starch. These are super expensive, so will be

osed frugally.


5.   All our bags and

carriers are now 100%

paper and even our gree

balloons are bio-degradable.

Stage Two

We have introduced a coffee

loyalty scheme for all

customers and if you use

your own mug, you'll get

double points.

No mug. np problem, we

have special mugs for sale

at cost.

Stage Three

We have arranged with

'Simply Cups' to collect our

take-a-way cups to strip out

the wax lining and recycle

the rest, our financial

contribution to the project.

To help please deposit your used take-a-way cups in the

new big green cup bins.